Elixir Magic Magazine


The Magazine

  • Elixir is a magazine dedicated to the art of close-up magic. It features terrific contributions from terrific magicians from all over the world and is presented in one neat little terrific package. Ain't that just terrific?! 
  • Contributors include -- Bill Goodwin, Ryan Plunkett, Allan Hagen, Michael Kras, Chris Mayhew, and many more. Well at least several more...
  • The first year consists of four issues, one for each season of the year, but the second year and all subsequent years (if the end of the world hasn't come by then) will be published according to the Solstices & Equinoxes. Cool right?
  • Is that good enough? Any other questions, send them my way.

How to Order

  • If you would like to purchase the magazine, please send me an email to the address listed in the Contact section. I don't really know how to take orders on this website because I just made it and I'm pretty much just winging it. But the magazine is pretty damn good! 
  • The issues are printed by demand only, so if you miss out on this latest print run, sorry! I might do another one next Summer though!